The Dearest Friends & Family,

Please allow me a moment of your time, to share my latest endeavor. My hope is that we can synergize our efforts in a cause of good will. I introduce to you:

The International Renaissance Foundation

A Non-Profit Organization

Definition: renaissance (n) \ren‚ ais‚ sance [rénns!nss] rebirth: a rebirth or revival, e.g. of culture, skills, or learning forgotten or previously ignored.

The International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) will be the nucleus of an enlightened, highly-focused cultural and scientific program that leads to a new beginning. 

Never before, in the history of mankind, have we been confronted by so many contradictions. We embrace the latest social and technological advances, but don't take the time to measure the impact on our own personal health and well-being.

Post-modern Western society has lived with a false sense of abundance with little regard for the future. As we become mindful we begin to realize our own vulnerability as well as our planet's mortality. We can no longer afford to turn away in disbelief. We cannot continue to pollute the environment,  allow more species to become extinct, destroy our natural resources, eliminate the rain forests and in general seed extinction for all life on the planet --human, animal and plant.

The IRF not only recognizes these challenges, but will identify solutions, and then share and showcase these advancements to both large corporations and  individuals.  

Communicating  through the power of the arts and publishing, IRF is committed to bringing "earth friendly," technology solutions that can be sustainable for generations to come. More than just the discovery and sharing of new technology, IRF will strive to communicate these innovations via encouraging a friendlier, more compassionate dialogue. In doing so, we provide an example of what "a new beginning" will require of every inhabitant of this planet. 

IRF's mission is to assist, implement and cultivate, helpful, sustainable, state of the art technologies and solutions while simultaneously expanding the conversation to heal our Earth. We will seek out-of-the-box solutions and apply a fresh approach to problems both global and mundane.

To launch IRF, Esteban Granados and his close associates have created a series of highly visible sources to fund this important mission. We will hold a high profile auction to sell several prized artifacts of New York's post 60’s cultural history to the highest bidder. Leading up to the event, we are generating interest by selling limited edition prints of some of the items. 

Renowned photographer, Michael Furman has photographed and signed the series of prints.The prints feature images taken of the late-discovered personal Rolodex of New York City’s Studio 54 Impresario, Steve Rubell. They are available exclusively at the Windfield Gallery in Carmel by the Sea, California on the gallery's website. 

Next, we have created and will auction a limited edition signature series of commemorative gold pillows created from the iconic glittering gold stage curtain at Radio City Music Hall. They have been signed by such notable celebrities as B. B. King, Suzanne, Ralph and Brian Roberts, Les Paul, Kevin Smith, Anne Liebowitz, Peter Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael McDonald, Danny Devito, Alex Trebec and other stars.

 Additional auction items will include:

  • The original Kenny Scharf painted table from New York’s Palladium club, circa 1985.
  • A Radio City Music Hall gold pillow signed by either Rubell's partner Ian Schrager or contemporary artist Kenny Scharf.  It will be presented in a glass case with the appropriate certifying paperwork.
  • Four-star celebrity chef, Chef  Ashbell McElveen has agreed to fly anywhere in the world to cook dinner for the winning bidder and their three guest 
  • A complete set of renowned photographer Michael Furman's series of published books. All will be signed and personalized for the winner
  • An original Musicvox guitar, similar to the one played by Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles in  the Austin Powers movie "Goldmember". We expect that Mike Myers and/or Susanna Hoffs will sign it. 

Our featured Boys and Girls Club Charity will also benefit with a portion of the auction proceeds. (To help promote their song and CC Bronson's CD) CC has agreed to perform anywhere in the world, to serenade the winner of the Chef Ashbell dinner.

By building buzz and in anticipation of the auction of these historic Entertainment Industry items, and one-of-a-kind experiences, we hope to build awareness of IRF and its mission at the same time.

If you would like more information please contact Windfield Gallery at: 800-289-1950 Toll Free

Re-edited by: Karma Martel