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Definition: renaissance (n) Dictionary 

ren·ais·sance [ rénnə snss ]   

  1. rebirth: a rebirth or revival, e.g. of culture, skills, or learning forgotten or previously ignored

The International Renaissance Foundation is an independent entertainment & technology organization committed to a vigorous presence of the cultural transformation to a new golden age of our society for the purpose of peace through the excellence of sustainability by giving virtue back to nature. We edify energy, connection, healing, individuation, balance and harmony for civilization survival & salvation to discover and celebrate the best culturetainment and place it beyond time & space to the stars.

Dr. Perry Wong Msc. D,, International Renaissance Foundation evolved from the International Renaissance Association, founded in 1991 to support the cause, where eranos & zeitgeist parties celebrated holidays in “MTV’s the Real World” location attracting environmental scientists and opera singers to awards ceremonies, a journey leading to the millennium of magnificence, a beginning for  public and private enterprise merging to do the right thing. The gift from Dr. Perry Wong Msc.D allowed International Renaissance Foundation to flourish with an avenue to expand and enhance the presence of millennium of magnificence in America to execute a dynamic strategy for an endowment that will fund an Idea polis, housing the greatest lab & tower of ART , not Babel, for a righteous connection in perpetuity honoring nature as we thrive through the universe.