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 International Renaissance Foundation is a highly spiriting entertainment & technology organization committing to a New Renaissance, a Cultural Transformation, inspiring a Global Golden Age. We seek to raise consciousness and funds opening a new portal to a more visible and influential position in American culture. Rather than celebrating the status quo, the Foundation seeks to be the elevator in shaping a receptive climate for sustainability from spirit to space to save our society, humanity, transcending boundaries by giving virtue back to nature in a redemption of technology, finding, motivating, developing new leaders, audiences, creating avenues for delivery, and encouraging new smart entertainment and technologies through venturing. In the long term, the Foundation aspires to alter the perception of the ethereal, using the intellectual as material, sustainability our salvation through technology in the medium of culture, computers and cosmology to make it directly relevant to our world. 

 "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves."  Shakespeare 

The International Renaissance Foundation, a non-governmental unincorporated association is committed to a vigorous presence to healing our world, "Giving Virtue Back To Nature." We identify, unify & edify resources from our values of energy, connection, healing, individuation, balance, harmony and peace for civilization's survival & salvation to overcome conflicts to discover and celebrate the best of humanity through the connection revolution, a cultural transformation, a golden age in culturetainment and solution beyond time and space, space-time, new frontiers toward the stars.

Phone: 800.889.5326
Email: drperryw@2thinkrich.com 

Programs of the International Renaissance Foundation with the "Millennium Of Magnificence," as its flagship initiative, the Foundation pursues its mission to celebrate and share the best entertainment with the largest audiences through a family of programs.