Celebration Manifesto

Celebration Manifesto

The goal of the Cultural Transformation Movement uplifts civilization’s physicality for sustainability, balancing harmony for world peace. Inspiring our human civilization, a massive transformation purpose, connecting, energizing, merging & healing, celebrating, practices, entertaining, education, technology, ethereal intellectual capitalism. The Solutionist Quest, sustainability in a redemption of technology (an evolution of thinking, from seed, tree to it's fruit, knowledge, elevating reason, driving passions to atone, catalyze a cultural transformation, a new golden age,) a harmonic balance by means of technological innovations, solutions (ecology through technology, “Giving Virtue Back to Nature.”) Excellence (virtue, knowledge, appling information) as balance, although illusory, noble, atones, brings order out of chaos, theoretically, mathematically into perfect harmony.

The quest, curing global conflicts for peace, ethereally, intellectually and physically, we merge, individuation, using, applying energy mediums, cultural entertainment & technology. Our smart development applications in a web without a weaver on the world wide web to heal energetically, overcoming imbalances, conflicts in mind & body as wars in humanity, transcending boundaries, toward harmony, juxtapose to negative emotions, a result of thinking and divisions in judgment, denial & hypocrisy. We, a solution, solutionist, give rise, elevating vibration levels in practices, harmonic frequencies, raising consciousness, a movement to balance, a butterfly effect.

Human synergy, critical mass, fusion, exponentially, sub-atomically, super novas, humanity fusion, creating more than the sum of its parts, individual ancient proven practice methods, technology expands, radiance, synthesism. A metaphoric tree demonstrates, quantifies in practice, quantum physics, healing, enlightening human consciousness, technology, energy fission, a casimir effect, with force, opens portals, wormholes, multi-verses, touring toward radiance, intellectually transcending space & time, tele-porting, achieving, paradigm shifting, a new reality. This global phenomena, civilization, salvation our sustainability, the smart connecting the ethics revolution, we redeem, atone & deliver, virtual developments, entertains, digitally warp drives hyperspace in entertainment, elevating a new reality in astropreneurism, world celebrations, we live.

The history: 

          Suppression of the 60’s

          Growth of the 70’s

          Prosperity Culmination of decadent 80’s

climax and crash of 90’s

rise and fall of 2000’s

Enlightened Artist & Environmental Scientist Gatherings to the “ERANOS,” a beginning, reality experiences.

An American Disaster, the New millennium, a loss of business, manufacturing, the sell out of America, driving returns, destroying small business in a competitive evolution of business models favoring a few, creating disparities, yet needing to drive consumption for production - Emerge professional fraud – accounting, legal, banking, politics, degradation of society concerning rules, ethics and society to compete internationally with those without rules manipulated by oligarchs in plutocracy, pirates in hypocrisy, a kleptocracy.

The Solutionist mission for world sustainability, harmony & peace quests, developing, inspirational, circular foundation, participatory structure to society, culture, rather than dogmatic, fear oriented, controlled structures. Through nano elements of nature, micro-physics, ethereal dynamics of technology, as digital bio med, astro-technologies in the use of smart G, eco-orientation, internet and scientific designing, planning, engineering, training,  managing, leadership, we materialize realities. We metaphor individuation, practices from nature, innovating technologies, consciousness, transcending space and time.  Tools for connecting, merging, healing, a means for a material civilization salvation, we entertain, educate, earn & learn, communicate, collaborate, engineer, assemble, construct, create, propagate and distribute, to place into the palms of commoners, esteem & empowerment.  In this dynamic, united, connected, merged, enlightened public, injustice and oppression, depletion and destruction will immanently disappear from the face of the planet while a new public and dimension in subspace emerges, a new life in a amazing frontier. Our belief, all culture must elevate to celebrating, experiencing, self-realizing, righteous connection in excellence, living tolerance without ignorance in an ideal polis. We will not accept closed minds to innovation or destruction to peace. Our evolving civilization having, eminent dangers, our destruction of nature, all consuming convolution, evolving thought processes we live. Having smart G, tech, med, astro tech, the internet of things, the ethereal cyber space synthesizing technological minds offers advancing mediums to consciousness as a metaphor to cyber and real space, internet commerce thrives, a new medium for commerce from real space to cyber space back to real space at your door step as new transportation, construction real estate in it's fulfillment commences smart cities, a master plan, realizing new frontiers. In possession of wireless communications from smart devise, radio, television, and satellite we experience as a theoretical metaphor, intellectual properties, technologically controlled ethereal energies as eastern practices of life living, enhancing energy.  Submarine & aerospace travel in our present, allowing new frontiers in real atmospheres, dimensions emerge in life, the multiverse, as portals, metaphors, intellectual properties for entertainment education to reality in music, media, business and real estate, a new physical, material civilization, salvation in harmony, balance & peace, a sustainable universe. These technologies exists, a new paradigm shift,  appearing in a cultural transformation, anyone can connect no matter the distance, a reality, intellectually, a transcendence, in space time, a universal energetic realm, a multi-verse, materializes any dream.

We refuse to live, a future of depletion, destruction where consumption, production and pollution is beyond control, accelerating global warming to the next ice age. We must stop and reverse, the damage of man made destructive chemicals, elements depleting, destroying our present  radically threatening our future, beyond the point of no return. This accelerating our demise, to now applying sustainability, eco-technological solutions, anti-toxins, integrative medicines, curing and completing us. We can now endeavor, uplifting, Cultural Transformation, a movement capturing our beliefs, catapulting our body, souls, to a new realm, above our fixed physical planet limitations, space ship earth, for a grand harmonious balanced resolve, before civilization dies.

Our freedom developing, an entertainment and technology corridor, constructing the ultimate lab, tower of ART, building upon harmony & balance for our past is necessary, inspiring creativity, innovation, thriving in peace. We promote intercontinental cultural heritage, the public domain developing an idea polis, connecting, overcoming separation, transcending boundaries, a renaissance, a golden age. We develop, share, and adapt, promoting new entertainment, technological, environmental, and medical advances. We shall sense, travel, listen and dance to music, look at art, watch films, read books, eat, drink, smell international culinary food & libations, experience new cultures, and inspire new individuals & groups. At, in the same moment, we will invigorate, innovate, communicate, illustrate, comment, expand, critique, improve, improvise, donate, and integrate moreover enter & enhance components into the Cultural Transformation mix.

We shall elevate every being, society, humanity, grasping the values of our cultural wealth, promoting ART, the individuation, ethereal, intellectual, material properties of capitalism, a social conscious impact via a new alternative, leadership model toward civilization salvation. We shall resist repressive legislation, which endangers our civil liberties stifling innovation. We will oppose oppressive legislation that shall prevent any social, personal, business,  entertainment or technological solution that shall aid or enhance and sustain our world population of all degradation, depletion, or pollution threatening any health advancing alternatives to well-being and the livelihood of our global civilization. SOS, Save Our Society, Humanity...

Dr. Perry Wong Msc.D

Chief Visionary & Executive Officer


We shall disallow any single person, entity or culture to control or any legal system to stop our freedom and gain an unfair advantage for any reason using bad legislation or legal representation. We shall be dynamic candidates in a freedom culture of connectivity, diversity, preservation, innovation and production, made possible by free thinking, philosophy, spirituality, commerce, entertainment, engineering, policy and we will fight to prevent this new potential the Cultural Transformation from being locked down by corporate, financial and legislative control. If we allow the continual abusive evolution of degenerative thought to our destruction without preemption or redemption in harmonic balance we accelerate destruction to our demise and destroy freedom for Civilization’s Material Salvation.  If we allow the established paradigm of creation without a shift, depletion, degradation, pollution, devastation and desolation without peace will prevail – and without world sustainability harmony & peace, war and ignorance shall resume largely and global warming shall accelerate our ice age future. Without any doubt we must not quit to achieve our destiny – Without inspiration and innovation we shall have lost our revolution to reach new dimensions. The future quests our hearts and minds as our hands give birth to a new renaissance inspiring technology & entertainment, elevating a cultural transformation to a new and real material civilization salvation in celebration, the millennium of magnificence.

Newport Beach, California 92663